Dr Tarek looking at a patients face

Dr Tarek Shalabi – Cosmetic Physician, GP and National Trainer

Bachelor of Medical Science – University of Nottingham, UK (2009)
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – University of Nottingham, UK (2012)
Fellowship of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (2021)
AHPRA – Specialist Registration in General Practice – MED0002045300
Lead trainer for DermaMedical.


Meet Dr. Tarek, a safe, ethical, highly qualified and experienced cosmetic physician in Brisbane, where expertise meets artistry. Catering to discerning patients seeking the pinnacle of bespoke cosmetic care, Dr. Tarek’s clinic is not just a practice but a sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-enhancement.

Dr. Tarek’s Philosophy

At the heart of Dr. Tarek’s approach lies a deep-seated belief in ‘harmonious aesthetics’ – the confluence of natural beauty with individual character. He understands that cosmetic enhancement is not just about transformation but refinement and personalisation. He believes in stepping back to ‘look at the whole picture’ and ensuring that cosmetic treatments are delivered in harmony with the rest of the face.

Educational Background

Dr. Tarek has been a doctor for over a decade; his medical journey commenced in the UK, where he was decorated with national awards and internationally recognised for his research. His awards include the Jaques Du Parc Prize for one of Europe’s top ten Trauma and Orthopaedic research projects. His medical degree is complemented by rigorous training in trauma and orthopaedics, emergency medicine, and general practice, leading to his ultimate passion – cosmetic medicine. His rapid progress within the cosmetic field led to him being appointed as one of Australia’s lead trainers for DermaMedical, the world’s largest cosmetic training academy. He leads training at the highest level, teaching masterclasses to doctors and nurses across Australia.

Career Milestones

Dr. Tarek’s career spans multiple continents and areas of interest, from saving lives to enhancing them. His transition to Australian healthcare marked the start of his voyage into cosmetic medicine. Today, he is a renowned cosmetic doctor, a practising GP, and a highly sought-after trainer for future cosmetic experts.

Commitment to Personalised Care

Dr. Tarek dedicates time to understanding your unique narrative. His consultations are unhurried, comprehensive, and centred around your desires. His meticulous method ensures beautiful results and attests to your lifestyle and persona. Dr Tarek takes time to highlight your best features and works to elevate those features to preserve your identity.

Cosmetic doctore speaking during a presentation
photo of consultation with dr tarek

Consultation Process

A session with Dr. Tarek blends comprehensive assessment and artistic visioning. His patients enjoy detailed evaluations encompassing aesthetic goals, lifestyle considerations, and in-depth discussions of treatment options.

Dr. Tarek’s Approach to Aesthetics

An impeccable safety record backs Dr. Tarek’s artistry in aesthetics. His technique is subtle yet effective, employing the latest advancements to deliver natural-looking results with minimal pain.

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Remaining at the forefront of cosmetic innovation, Dr. Tarek regularly participates in advanced training, ensuring his techniques reflect the cutting-edge of cosmetic science.

Booking a Consultation

Embrace the luxury of aesthetic perfection with Dr. Tarek. To begin your journey, book a consultation with us today.