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Want to know if a certain treatment may be a good fit for you? How much filler you would need for your desired cosmetic outcome? Or do you simply not know where to start and would like expert, structured and detailed advice on the procedures that will achieve the results you’re after?

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You can get the answers directly from Dr Shalabi in just minutes of your time, and with no cost, pressure, or expectation.

Our non-surgical cosmetic injectables & treatments

Dr Tarek Shalabi is an experienced British and Australian trained cosmetic physician. His primary focus is on delivering a natural look for his patients and ensuring that the enhancements you choose are as unique as you are. In addition to his work as a cosmetic doctor and GP, he is also a national injectables trainer, teaching doctors and nurses at the highest level, and is one of Australia’s lead clinical instructors for Derma Medical, the world’s largest aesthetic training academy.

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Dr Shalabi utilises a number of highly advanced and unique techniques to deliver dermal filler safely and precisely. He prides himself in delivering filler in precise and specific points on the face to develop structural change and volume without creating an ‘over filled’ or ‘puffy’ look.

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  • That’s it — there’s no obligation or expectation, so you can choose to book an appointment if you’d like, or just take the advice and information into consideration at a later date.