These before and after images are all on patients treated by Dr Tarek, they have been taken before and immediately after treatment. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Non surgical nose job


  1. Filler applied to the nose to give a smooth and refined profile 
  2. Filler which provides lift to the tip of a nose 
  3. Filler which raises the height of the nasal bridge reducing the ‘flatness’ of a nose 

Also known as: Liquid nose job, non-surgical rhinoplasty, nose reshaping, nose filler 


Treatment Benefits:  

  • Blend out bumps on the nose 
  • Raise the height of the nasal bridge 
  • Upturn a hooked tip of the nose 
  • Adjustments to your side profile

Time Taken: 30 mins 

Results Last: 12-18 months

Back to work: Next day

Cost : $850


Looking at getting nose filler in East Brisbane & Logan region? It is a fantastic way to make subtle alterations to the shape of your nose. You may feel that your nose:

  • Has small bumps visible on the side profile
  • Is small or flat
  • Has a downturned hook at the tip of the nose

Some of these features can be hard to hide with concealers or make up. This can lead to feelings of low confidence in the age of cameras-on-everything with instant social media uploads.

Using expert placement, dermal filler can be used to smooth bumps, raise the height of the nasal bridge or even upturn the tip of the nose. Many patients are very conscious about particular aspects of their nose and this treatment can improve the profile of the nose and leave you feeling much more confident. Results of a liquid nose job are instant, reversible and can be adjusted according to your goals and desires.

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There are few that have perfected the craft of reshaping the nose using dermal filler like Dr Tarek Shalabi. As the procedure has become more popular over the last couple of years, it’s important to only undergo nose filler treatment with the guidance of an advanced practitioner only. This includes undertaking a detailed consultation before the procedure where all the risks are reviewed in detail.

A non-surgical nose job is a safe procedure if done by an experienced specialist, Dr Tarek fully understands the nose anatomy and makes his patients feel understood and in safe hands. 

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Difference between surgical rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty

A surgical rhinoplasty involves the process of changing the shape of your nose to achieve the preferred facial appearance through a surgical procedure. Experienced surgeons will make incisions in the skin to make permanent structural changes to the nose shape and cartilage. Recovery time may take up to 2 weeks and complete results won’t be seen for up to 6 months.

A non surgical nose job offers a minimally invasive alternative without having to undergo surgery to achieve the desired shape. You are awake during the entire procedure and require no recovery time, most patients only experiencing minor redness after nose filler treatments. It is important to remember that a liquid rhinoplasty changes the superficial appearance of your nose and not the internal structures that will improve common nasal issues such as a deviated septum. 

Who is a suitable candidate for a liquid nose job?

A good candidate for nose filler is someone who is looking to aesthetically alter the shape of the nose without the need to go under the knife. Other factors that may qualify you for a non surgical nose job are:

You don’t want invasive surgery

The best thing about a non surgical nose job aside from the affordability, is the minimal downtime, immediately after the cosmetic procedures you can go back to your everyday routine. This is not the same for costly, invasive surgical rhinoplasty, where your daily life may be impacted for up to 2 weeks. 

You have realistic goals for what a liquid rhinoplasty can achieve

A liquid nose job can be a great option for those looking to correct aesthetic concerns such as a hump, bump, drooping tip of the nose or asymmetry. Unfortunately, this will not be suitable for those looking to correct issues regarding the size or function.

You want results to be visible immediately

Results from nose fillers can be seen immediately following your injections and within a few days, any bruising or swelling will go down. 

You don’t want permanent changes to your nose structure

Dermal fillers take up to two weeks to finally settle, improving the results. Then, your liquid nose job will last for 9-18 months depending on a variety of factors. Some will be able to enjoy the benefits a little longer due to age, metabolism, and your own individual biological response to the formula of the dermal filler. Touch ups are necessary to keep your desired nose shape, ideally they should be scheduled every 9 months to a year.

You want to combine nose filler with other cosmetic injectables

Combining non surgical rhinoplasty with other dermal fillers or ani-wrinkle treatments is a great way to completely transform your look and to improve your facial features. It’s also easier to schedule your top ups with your cosmetic doctor. 

Non-surgical nose filler displayed in a before and after on a female model


Dr Tarek has a very safe injecting technique using a series of specifically selected injection points to give a result which looks natural and in harmony with the rest of the face. Dr Tarek takes time to plan your procedure before injecting, taking particular measurements to ensure that the final result is consistent with your individual needs.

During the planning phase, Dr Tarek will illustrate the injection points and intended outcome on your own images. This will provide a great opportunity to discuss where the most ideal placement of filler will be. At the end of the procedure Dr Tarek will provide you with images of your side profile so that you can discuss any final adjustments and any extra filler can be added on the spot.


Dermal filler is composed of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring compound found in our own skin. Dr Tarek injects this at specific points within the nose to add volume to certain areas. By doing this we are able to create a smoother side profile or raise a nose bridge. 

Dermal filler can also be injected into the base of the nose (below and behind the tip) in order to provide support and lift the tip of a hooked nose. The type of filler used in the nose is high grade and is able to mimic the consistency and structure of cartilage which forms the backbone of the nose. The results are striking and not only provide a refined nose but also harmonisation of the whole face.

Nose filler being administered by Dr Tarek Shalabi in a female patient laying on bed


  • As much as possible, avoid taking blood thinning medications, including aspirin and ibuprofen the week prior to your appointment. 
  • Do not consume alcohol 2-3 days before your appointment.
  • Do not book any major dental treatments or plan for 2 weeks after the appointment. This includes a root canal extraction/treatment and deep filing. 
  • To reduce the risk of bruising, you can take Arnica tablets before and after the appointment. 


  • You will consult with Dr Tarek Shalabi and have plenty of time for explanation, discussion, and questions. You will then be given some time to decide on your procedure and go through the consent process. 
  • Before pictures are taken, Dr Tarek will go through your images and plan your treatment with you. This may include some illustrations on your images to show you the overall plan. 
  • The area is then cleaned and a high-grade numbing cream or/and local anaesthetic will be applied to your injection points to make your procedure more comfortable. 
  • Dr Tarek will then begin your dermal filler injections. Dr Tarek always takes time to inject smoothly and methodically to ensure that he is able to deliver the best possible outcomes for his patients. During the treatment, you may feel a slight pinch and stinging sensation as the dermal filler is being injected. 
  • He will then show you before and after photos of your side profile. At this stage, any final adjustments can be made and Dr Tarek will go through your aftercare regime.  


  • No make-up, hot saunas, avoid excessive physical activity and excessive alcohol consumption for 12 hours after your procedure. 
  • We advise you to avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses which sit or put pressure on the bridge of your nose for 48 hours following treatment, this is to avoid any imprinting on your newly applied filler. 
  • Sleep on your back for at least 48 hours after your appointment.
  • Dr Tarek will follow up with all his procedures 2-3 weeks after, any top ups or adjustments to your nose filler are complimentary and free of charge. 

What are the risks of non surgical nose jobs?

  • Nose filler is a complicated procedure which should be completed by advanced practitioners only. Dr Tarek Shalabi has been injecting for several years and is also a trainer on a national course educating doctors and nurses on safe injecting techniques. 
  • Bruising is common and generally settles within a few days. 
  • Infection is rare, and a very clean and sterile environment ensures that this risk is low. 
  • Compromise of blood vessels supplying the nose is a rare but serious complication. This risk is reduced by limiting the amount of filler injected, ensuring the safest possible depth and injection points are used, and maintaining that all nose filler injections are running along the midline of the nose. For this reason, Dr Tarek does not inject filler to the side of the nose. 
  • Should a complication arise Dr Tarek has an appropriate protocol in place to manage this.
  • Dr Tarek will provide further information during your consultation and will be happy to answer any questions. 


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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary, which is why we highly recommend starting with a comprehensive consultation with your trusted cosmetic practitioner. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this account are for informational purposes only. No material on this account is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results will vary from person to person. No result will be the same as the other. Every procedure has risks, side effects and downtime associated. Photo consent has been provided by this patient.