Non-surgical face lift - Silhouette Threads

Silhouette threads are known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all threads.  They are a non surgical thread lift system.

These threads are used to provide a subtle lifting effect, correct and tighten the mid face and jawline. They produce highly effective, natural looking, instant long lasting results.  The angles and placement of the threads determines the type and direction of lift achieved.  Dr Tarek Shalabi takes time to assess and analyse your facial structure, and to place the threads in a tailored way to achieve the best possible lift for his patients.

Once the procedure has been completed, the threads merge and dissolve into the skin over the next few months leaving behind a unique natural collagen scaffolding that adds both structural support and excellent skin rejuvenation.  Not only does it produce a natural looking lift but it also boosts the integrity and tightness of the skin.

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, takes approximately 60-90 minutes and patients are back to work in 3-4 days.  Results are immediate and last between 18-24 months.

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