Dr Tarek Shalabi

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  • World-Class Techniques
  • Ethical Practice
  • Genuine Enhancements
  • Globally Trained Expertise: Bringing world-class British and Australian techniques to our clinic.
  • Renowned National Trainer: Educating doctors and nurses across Australia in the latest cosmetic techniques for DermaMedical, the world’s largest cosmetic training academy.
  • Ethical and Patient-Focused: Committed to Compassionate, individualised care for every Patient.
  • Authentic Before and Afters: No edits, no photoshop, no blurring – just genuine results.
  • Focus on Natural-look results: Dedicated to enhancing beauty while maintaining a natural and authentic appearance.

The results speak for themselves

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We even offer online consultations

Our online consultations

We offer complimentary consultations with all of our treatments, with no commitment and no pressure to continue with a treatment. Whether it’s anti wrinkle injections, facial filler, lip filler, nose filler or a non surgical face lift treatment, we will sit down with you before and after your procedure to ensure we deliver the best possible results for you and meet your goals. Book your free consultation with us in-clinic or online today.

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Our non-surgical cosmetic injectables & treatments

At Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane, we take into account your unique facial structure, your natural beauty and your goals, to create your best look; it’s where artistry meets science and where your inner beauty truly comes to life. Our leading Brisbane cosmetic treatments include:

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Full Face Rejuvenation

Full Facial Rejuvenation, commonly known as a Liquid Facelift or Eight Point Face Lift, is a comprehensive dermal filler treatment targeting key areas of the face to lift, contour, restore volume and enhance facial symmetry.

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Nose filler

Perfectly shape and contour your nose without invasive procedures. Our leading Brisbane non surgical nose filler treatments give you a perfectly shaped nose without having to undergo a surgical nose job treatment.

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Eye Filler

Under eye filler can greatly assist with restoring volume loss in this area.
Expert placement of a filler in the region can hydrate the area and project the region of depression under the eye.

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Lip filler

Attain lusciously fuller lips that enhance your smile and overall facial appearance. Our lip fillers will enhance the appearance and feel of your lips to create soft, smooth and hydrated lips with crisp borders, enhancing your overall facial appearance.

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Dermal filler treatments

Brisbane dermal fillers that restore volume and rejuvenate your facial contours, or enhance your natural facial structure. Dermal fillers provide fullness and volume for a youthful, natural looking enhancement that is completely reversible or can last for 6-24 months.

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Cosmetic mole removal

Easy, surgery-free cosmetic mole removal for flawless skin. Our cosmetic mole removal treatments in Brisbane remove raised moles, skin tags and skin lesions from any part of your body, including the face, with minimal scarring. No stitches, bruising or swelling; just great results.

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Facial threads

Experience the lift without the need for cosmetic surgery with our Brisbane facial threads treatments. Our facial silhouette threads are a non surgical face lift option that gives natural looking and instant, long-lasting results. Enhance your facial beauty without the need for cosmetic surgery.

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Anti-wrinkle treatments

Preserve your youth and combat and reverse early signs of ageing for a smoother, softer, younger looking face. We offer a range of anti wrinkle injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent them from deepening.


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A leading cosmetic clinic in Brisbane

About Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane

At Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane, we’re proud to be one of the leading cosmetic clinics in Brisbane. We are an aesthetic clinic experienced in and focused on non-surgical cosmetic treatments and focuses on ‘natural look’ enhancements. This can be achieved with anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, non-surgical face lift treatments and other leading non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane is conveniently located in two locations across Brisbane, Waterford West and Hamilton. We aim to provide a relaxed and comfortable experience where you feel truly heard and celebrated.

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Our team is fully qualified, with deep expertise and passion for bringing your beauty to light

Dr Tarek Shalabi leads the team at Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane and is highly trained. Dr Tarek Shalabi is highly skilled in what some call ‘aesthetic science’, and we call cosmetic medicine. He is a highly qualified and caring general practitioner with focused experience in cosmetic injectables.

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Dr Shalabi keeps constantly up to date with the latest research and trends to ensure we deliver the best possible non surgical cosmetic medicine treatments for our clients in Brisbane.

He is also a lead trainer in cosmetic injectables with Dermamedical, a global training provider.
Dr Shabali personally advises and treats all clients, and offers tailored, non-surgical cosmetic treatments designed to highlight their natural beauty and achieve the results they desire.

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Our focus is on achieving the look you want

It’s not just about enhancing your best features without the need for cosmetic surgery; it’s about achieving your aesthetic goals.
At Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane, we focus on delivering only the best-quality care to each of our clients, and we will work with you to ensure we help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Safe and ethical procedures with a focus on wellbeing

At Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane, we use the highest grade products available on the market, and we prioritise quality over quantity. This means that we use safe, ethical procedures, prioritise getting the very best results for each and every one of our clients, and never rush you out the door. We’re here to help you achieve your most beautiful self, and we’re here to do that well.

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A focus on natural-look enhancement

At Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane, we focus on your unique facial structure, natural beauty, and goals, and enhance it through leading cosmetic treatments for a refreshed, luminous loo

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We keep you informed at every stage of your cosmetic injectables and skin treatments

Keeping up with the next best “trend” can be hard with all the information out there.

We take the guesswork out of what will work best for you by providing information about treatments, using only the best products available, and allowing you to take the time to make an informed choice about your treatments.

What makes Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane the best choice for your Brisbane cosmetic treatments?

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We look at the whole face

We view beauty as a collective, considering every facial feature in harmony. We complete a comprehensive facial analysis with every treatment.

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Quality above all else

From our products to our procedures, excellence is our mantra. You’ll feel informed, cared for, and at ease.

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An unmatched level of care

You’re never rushed out the door at Cosmetic Doctor Brisbane. We do our best to ensure you are informed, cared for, and at ease. We deeply value each and every one of our patients and care about getting them the results they are happy with.

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Treatments tailored for you

Every client is unique. Your treatment plan is meticulously tailored for maximum satisfaction.

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Our focus is on achieving your goals

We place a great deal of emphasis on achieving the outcome you desire.

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